Fact Sheets

The following community profile information is intended to help you perform relevant site selection research on Douglas County, Georgia, and is intended to serve as a starting point. 

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Estimated Population (2013)                                           134,304

Projected Population (2018)                                            139,011


Average Household Income     

Estimated Average Household Income (2013)            $65,065

Projected Average Household Income (2018)             $66,526

Median Household Income      

Estimated Median Household Income (2013)             $54,692

Projected Median Household Income (2018)              $57,299

Per Capita Income

Estimated Per Capita Income (2013)                          $23,229

Projected Per Capita Income (2018)                           $24,190


Educational Attainment

Occupation by Type

Types of Workers

Home Values